Thursday, 26 February 2015

About the blog

The idea of this blog is to write about media and newmakers. I am very clear about the news makers. For most of us these are the persons and celebrities who hit headline in newspapers and flat screen of TV. Now web portals are also added into the increasing list of media platforms.
But my news makers are we journalists who create names and faces of headlines.
In the past I started two blogs. One was Gujarat media and another media newsletter. I did not continue for long. It was mainly because of my own lethargy rather than the idea of those two blogs that led to premature death of the two.
In this blog, I want to provide a platform where people can know about what is happening in media, where it is going and about people who make the news, journos, to use a single and most widely used expression.
No doubt the blog will have all shades of journos, right from reporters of good old days to anchors of modern time.
In 30 years in the profession, I have found that we know a lot about people on our beat, but hardly have any information about other journalists. No doubt we have all kind of stories about celebrities of our profession and we talk a lot about them like other celebrities. It is to fill this void.
Media is changing a lot, but there is not free and frank discussion. In this blog I would like to talk about this change.
This post is just to give a brief of idea. However, in the fast changing world of information age, this may change its dimensions.
But the basic spirit will be the same. We journalists and our world.

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